Finding Time


  While we are settling into a bit of a routine from the move, I’ve still been struggling to find time for some daily things that feed my soul – quiet time, bible study, writing, etc. It’s easy to get caught up searching the endless websites for a house and helping my husband job hunt. In between laundry, cleaning, kids, and summer school work, I

7 Quick Takes #4 – Moving Edition


I realize I’m late for 7QT/SQT “Friday” because it’s Saturday. But in my defense, I have been just a little busy. Like packing up the house and moving across the state busy. ~1~ I hate moving. Oh, I love the whole new beginnings, new places, etc. part of moving. But the actual packing, loading truck, driving long distance, and packing – not so much. (Dan

Picture Redemption


So remember how I posted my 7 Quick Things Friday on Monday. And not only was it late but it was also picture-less because I confessed I’m horrible at taking pictures even with the convenience of my phone. Well, my sweet sister-in-law had mercy on me. My phone started going crazy with texts from her tonight. “I read your blog and felt bad you didn’t



As moving day closes in, I find myself exhausted as the sun goes down and in need of mindless entertainment. In fact, my whole house seems to be in this mode. I’m not sure if it’s the chaos of boxes combined with fatigue and that whole “we only have a few nights left in this house” panic, but we all seem to be retreating into our

7 Quick Takes #3 -Late Edition


Yes, I realize 7QT/SQT is suppose to be a Friday affair but it’s Monday. Shhh. Let’s just call this the “late edition.” The last week has been crazy busy – all the fun details are below! ~1~ I broke the cardinal rule of blogging. Consistency. Everything I read says “you must post regularly.” And I totally agree. I hate visiting a blog I follow and not see anything

Truth with Love

love neighbor quote

Unless you have been on a deserted island and without communication, I’m sure you have heard about the Supreme Court’s (SCOTUS) decision this past week. The chatter on social media has been incessant. I’ll be honest, I have wrestled with this post since SCOTUS handed down their decision. I questioned whether I wanted to use this platform to discuss such a hot topic. Would people really

Sunday Encouragement

stone waves pic

Regardless of what the world looks like and the struggles we are facing, there are some things that we would do well to be in awe of – our God is mighty and and HIS STATUTES stand firm. Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea – the LORD on high is mighty. Your statutes stand firm. Psalm 93:

Boxes and More Boxes


  Can we just agree that packing is the worst part of moving? We have moved countless times in 24 years of marriage and packing is always a chore. But that is what fills my days right now. As our moving date is just a few weeks away, the anticipation heightens that we are moving “home” (or at least a lot closer to home). In fact, my Mom